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Design Exakt crossovers in your browser

Get the most out of your Exakt hardware by designing your own Exakt crossovers right in your browser.

Linear Phase

Exakt Design provides a method for deploying filters through an Exakt engine which allow for the design of truly linear phase loudspeaker systems.

Drive Unit Modelling

Exakt engine makes use of these models to eliminate the phase response of the drive units by counteracting the natural minimum phase characteristics of each loudspeaker in the system.

Time of Flight

Individual delays can be applied to each output of the Exakt engine. Carefully designed, these delays will eliminate the group delay associated with the time of flight differences from each drive unit to the listener.


Crossovers can be deployed to Exakt hardware via Konfig, available for Windows and Mac.


Share your crossover design with others by creating a release, and inviting others to subscribe.